For many of us, the very definition of what it means to be ‘real’ is elusive. For TINY K, its essence lies in direction, and in purpose. It’s also about being able to faithfully and accurately express what others may be going through, yet have no current outlet for. His music acts as that bridge to reach his listeners who are in their darkest days, with the intention to pull them out of the shadows and into the light. Above all, it’s hard-hitting, lyrically raw and fuelled by an intensity that comes from knowing the struggle and having the desire to move forward.

Born in July 1995 in Ashford, Kent (UK), it was the discovery of Grime at 11 years of age that inevitably shaped TINY K’s career. The collision of bars, swung beats coincided perfectly with his 21st-century street prose that went on to catapult him into the limelight. From opening for Snoop Dogg at the London O2 Arena at the age of 19, TINY K has gone on to perform at a host of world-renowned venues and festivals such as Reading Festival, Southbeats Festival, Blove Festival, Roundhouse London and The Gallery. Additionally, he has received countless press mentions across notable publications including Reuters, Apple, Spotify, BBC, The Guardian and more.

TINY K’s unsettled childhood led him through many tough circumstances. Troubles at home, in school and with the law were followed by a period of homelessness and sofa surfing. However, throughout all of this, it was pen and paper that acted as the form of escapism that allowed TINY K’s expression of his inner feelings to be projected outwards into reality.

TINY K is sitting on a slew of hard-hitting singles, including Roll Out (feat. Nikolai), Take Me Back, and Fade Away (feat. Matt Wills), which was accompanied by a music video that featured on Link Up TV.

While the bulk of his career has seen him pay tribute to the origins of the Grime while paving a clear path for its future, he now embarks on refreshing his sound. Today, he is leaning into UK Rap and Hip-Hop, which will form the sonic foundations for his forthcoming debut album. Titled ‘Sub Urban Delinquent’, the full-length LP is a collation of TINY K’s finest cuts, complete with relatable, hard-hitting real music that he’s built a name for himself for.

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